Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday something ...

I don't imagine there are many folks who remember a band called The Fugs, let alone one of their songs, titled Nothing ... well, it's a dirge that starts with, "Monday nothing, Tuesday nothing, Wednesday and Thursday Nothing, then on Friday a little more nothing, Saturday and Sunday nothing ..." on it goes through the months, etc. Kinda been the story of my book sales ... but last Tuesday I was sorting through my email and lo and behold there was note from Amazon that wasn't an ad ... it was from their accounts payable informing me that $40.40 in royalty payments from Kindle was winging its electronic way to my bank. Now, before you get too excited, that is for all of last year ... for both books (however, Headwind wasn't published on Kindle until November) ... a small stipend for sure, but I was still pretty stoked ... it meant that my books are out there ... in the universe ... and maybe somebody is even reading them!

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