Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nose and Lips Above the Surface

I got a little excited last week because of a wee bit of attention ... a couple new friends dropped by my blog ...  a 2000 percent increase in traffic ... and I felt like I was starting to get the hang of this social networky thing ... then all went stoney silent again ... Fazebook went blank, moths flew out of my email box, and the hoped for reviews on Amazon went begging. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, the Internet is a vast ocean of information: if you drift a little out of the main shipping channels you might float for days without seeing another human. Everyone has their own projects ... and they're busy trying to maintain a presence on the 'Net ... it's pretty hard to keep up virtual relationships ... I understand ... heck, I'm as guilty as the next person. All I can say is that this internet marketing is a slog ... but you gotta keep swimming or you'll slip beneath the waves.

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