Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Cheek Day

I'm reading a golf magazine in my doctor's waiting room, shaved, showered and feeling a little smug about actually beating my appointment time for once, when I hear the receptionist call my name. Cool, I'm going to seen early because I'm early!
   "Mr. Hudson," she says, "um, your appointment is for tomorrow."
   "Your appointment is for the 23rd ... this is the 22nd."
She's right ... now I remember. She's trying to be discreet, but the waiting room is small and the other folks can't help but hear what is going on ... I can hear the snickers behind my back. I figure the only way to recover from this gaff is to go on the offense.
   "But someone called me yesterday to remind me of the appointment."
  "Yes, they did ... to remind you that you have an appointment on the 23rd. The person you are seeing is not even here today."
Now I'm embarrassed ... I'm on the tee in front of thousands and I just topped the ball fifty yards. Fumbling for snappy retort, I come up empty.
   "See you tomorrow."
Mustering as much dignity as I can, I put on my coat and slip out the door without making eye contact with anyone.  Sheeesh.


  1. So very glad I'm not the only one that makes these kinds of mistakes!

  2. Yep, that's for sure. Well, as one wag put it, "... it's not the screw-up, it's the recovery that counts."