Friday, February 25, 2011

For Want of a Blog ...

So, I'm rooting around the 'net, looking for book promotion ideas, and I stumble onto one: research what other authors in "your strata" are doing to promote themselves. Good, good, but what is meant by "authors in your strata" ... does that mean other authors who have no sales ... why would I want to research their marketing approach ... it's probably the same as mine?  No, it must mean "authors who are self-published in my genre" ... so I started looking around and found a few. I sent them emails asking for info on what they've done to promote their books ... and being authors, they were very friendly and helpful. One idea that floated up was to post stuff on blogs ... which I thought was good ... but I've not been very successful finding blogs that are interesting or would be interested in my thoughts.  I'll keep looking ...


  1. Hi Christopher. I'm one of those "other authors with no sales". I have no great words of wisdom for you, although I did have similar luck with Kindle (as in, sold more than zero). I'll be watching your blog to see what you find. If nothing else, at least you have a great sense of humor about all this.

  2. I agree with Caprice on your sense of humor and admire your willingness to continue to search, even if it does feel as if you are stumbling sometimes. I jumped over because of a nudge from Ellen (I see her in your followers list up there). She has some great marketing ideas.

    My good friend, bestselling and award winning author Andrew E. Kaufman offers some great advice on his blog as well: About 1/3 way down the page is a post on Selling Your Book. I'd read it!

    I have a FB page and blog of the same name called Beyond The Last Page Book Marketing. Unfortunately, it's usually the last of my blogs I get around to because I'm busy marketing! But I still try to at least post links to valuable book marketing tips that you might want to hop around and look at. On FaceBook, it is:!/BeyondTheLastPage
    The blog is:

    Vicki Hopkins is another author who has done rather well promoting herself. You might find her blog of interest:

    Above all, don't lose hope and continue to write ... and keep that sense of humor - it's a winner!

  3. Caprice and Linda ... thanks so much for taking the time to post on my blog ... Caprice, keep the faith ... and Linda, thanks for your input ... I'll be checking it out!