Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nobody Knows Anything

I just read Amanda Hocking's Blog entry "Some Things That Need to Be Said" (http://amandahocking.blogspot.com/2011/03/some-things-that-need-to-be-said.html) and I'm trying to process what I read. I had never heard of Ms. Hocking before this morning, but evidently she's a 26-year old author and self-publishing phenom ... apparently she sold so many ebooks she attracted the attention of a mainstream publisher and a two-million dollar deal ... 2 mil ... yikes! Oddly, her blog post kinda sounded like a rambling apology of her sudden success ... I thought about leaving a comment, but I couldn't really wrap my head around what she was trying to say ... I couldn't really sum it up. I think what I really took away from this information was the randomness of success in the publishing world ... I don't mean to demean anything Amanda has accomplished ... I'm sure she works hard and I think she is to be congratulated ... it's just that, as she herself said (in reference to author J. L. Bryan):

"By all accounts, he has done the same things I did, even writing in the same genre and pricing the books low. And he's even a better writer than I am. So why am I selling more books than he is?  I don't know."

Well, there you go ... 

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