Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jungle Fever

   "So, what are blogging about this week?" Cheryl asked.
   "I don't know, I'm still mulling over the stuff Irv Nesbaum said about finding my audience."
   "Makes sense to me."
   "Well, it does to me, too ... from a marketing standpoint ... but not so much from a creative one."
   "But as an independent author, don't you have to consider both?"
   "That's the dilemma ... yes, I do ... but I hate marketing."
   "I know you do ... believe me, I know you do ... but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do things that aren't all that pleasant."
   "You're right, of course, but ... "
   "There's always a 'but' with you."
    "But, it's a lot easier for Nesbaum to find his audience ... he writes about a specific topic ... I write stories."
   "What did Irv suggest?"
   "He said to look for other authors who write the kind of stuff I do."
   "Sounds like a good idea."
   "Maybe ... but suppose I find other authors ... what then?
   "I don't know ... maybe get in touch with them? What did Irv say?"
    "He didn't ... and I didn't think to ask at the moment."
    Cheryl patted my shoulder. "Okay, I see your point ... but you've got to start somewhere ... do a search on Amazon and see what comes up."
   I sighed audibly.
   She started to walk out, stopped and said, "Oh, by the way, Uncle Billy called your cell this morning ... I couldn't get to it fast enough to answer it ... but, it looks like he left a message. Do you want me to bring your phone downstairs?"
   I was already surfing Amazon for books with key words of action and adventure ... the return list stunned me.
   "Do you want your phone?" Cheryl repeated.
   "Oh ... yeah, sure," I mumbled.


  1. Hey Chris, you jumping into the great big bad world of self marketing? Awesome. You go, I'll watch and learn how it is done.

  2. Pru: I wouldn't exactly call it 'jumping in' ... more like running and screaming though the Amazon after sitting on a nest of fire ants ... but if I learning anything from that, I'll let you know.

  3. You are our leader Christopher, oh Amazon Trail Blazer. The fire ants will attack you and the rest of us will slip ahead. Only to be eaten by the alligators.

  4. While I fear the truth is in our wise Helen Ginger's comment, I shall still have the Corgi's keep you in their magical whatever it is they do to rule the world and turn a buck - and by buck I mean dog treats.

  5. Helen: It is strangely comforting to know that I might be of assistance ... and if I end up as 'gator food, at least something will eat.

    Jennifer: Not sure what a Corgi is ... must be an Aussie thing ... but I'll take any help I can get.

    1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi - big dog in a tight compact package. The ancient Irish folks believed them to be "steeds for the fairies" and possess magic powers. I just know that when I had four corgis at one time I usually felt like the school teacher in the old film "The Children Of The Damned."

    2. Thanks for enlightening me, Jennifer ... it's good to learn new things! You had four of those hounds at the same time, eh? Guess you had to learn to watch where you stepped.

  6. Marketing and social media. Ugh, I just want to hang with my blogging friends. I guess I should follow your lead. :)

  7. I hate marketing too ! Ever been to Meijers at 6 pm ?