Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Danke Schoen

Ordinarily, I'd be driving Uncle Billy to Manny's Deli & Liquor today, but since he and Clara have gone to Las Vegas on a week-long junket, I have some time to myself, which is good because it gives me an opportunity to thank Helen Ginger, of Straightfromhel blog fame for graciously nominating moi for a Liebster blog award. (Whew, I'm going to have to lie down for a few minutes and rest after that sentence).

Aaaannnyway, as a recipient of the Liebster Award (Liebster evidently means 'favorite' ... or something like that ... in German), I am required to name five other blogs worthy of mention, so here they are:

A Texas-sized helping of book reviews, info and interesting tidbits from the world of literature provided by the witty and charming Helen Ginger (back at 'cha, Helen).

Alex J. Cavanaugh
Join Cap'n Alex's ninja army before they take over the universe and you're left alone, drifting through the cold and empty void of space.

The Blood Red Pencil
Whether you are and established author or just tapping into your muse for the first time, these folks review all the stuff you ignored in English class ... but this time you'll enjoy it.

Indies Unlimited
A sort of 'Cheers' like environment for the indie author ... one place that won't reject you.

Valkyrie Rising
Musings from the land of my ancestors by prolific author and uber-people watcher, Prudence Macleod.

"You done, writing that post?" asked Cheryl.
"Yes, why?"
"Alma Beeler is on the phone ... she wants to talk to you."
Now what?


  1. I miss reading one of your 'conversations' today. :) Lot's going on in the blogging world today.

  2. Ciara: Never fear, Uncle Billy when Uncle Billy gets back from Vegas, you can be sure the drama will continue.

  3. Thanks, Christopher! Right now it does look like I am taking over the world.

  4. Alex: I'll follow the royal caravan to pick up a few discarded crusts of bread.

  5. Congrats, Christopher! I think your comments about Alex are well-founded. :D

  6. Laura: Thanks! Yep ... and it'd be a dark and lonely place.