Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Egg McOhoh ...

    Clara smiled. "Okay, let's start with the macro ... you're new book is a novel, right?"
   I swallowed the last bite of my Egg McMuffin. "Yes."
   "And it's fiction?"
   I nodded.
   "Now that we've established that, let's determine the genre ... is it a crime novel? Thriller? Mystery?"
   "This is where I get bogged down ... I'm just not sure which genre describes Headwind."
   "Well, it isn't that unique ... we just have to look for similar books. Can you think of anything?"
   "I guess it comes closest to a road-slash-buddy story ... you know, where disparate characters are thrown together on a journey."
   "Kinda like Midnight Run?"
   "Well, sort of ... I've thought of that, but there are essential differences ... besides, that's a movie, not a book."
   "Okay ... but what are the similarities?"
   I sipped my coffee and thought about it. I was about to answer when I saw Uncle Billy walking across the parking lot.
   Clara followed my gaze and saw him too. "There's your uncle ... I'm mad at him."
   "So, I heard."
   She looked at me. "What did you hear?"
   I blushed. "Nothing really ... Billy just said you were angry with him."
   "He's like a kid ... he thinks I don't know he's seeing other women."
   "Does that bother you?"
   "I don't care what he does. I just wish he be more honest about it."
   Billy came in the door and stopped cold when he spotted us. Then he slowly walked over to our table.
   "Well, if it isn't my two favorite authors," he said.
   "Hi, Uncle Billy."
   "Hello, William."
   I decided to avoid the crossfire and stood up. "We can finish this later Clara ... "
   "Don't leave on my account," said Uncle Billy.
   "I'm sure William wouldn't mind hearing 'author' talk," said Clara.
   I slipped on my coat. "No, really ... I told Cheryl I'd stop at Kroger's to pick some things for her ... thanks for your help Clara."
   "I feel like all we did was talk about my book."
   "No, no, you were a big help ... I can run with what we discussed ... thanks again." I picked up my coffee cup and walked quickly away.


  1. Smart man - leave before it gets ugly.

  2. Alex: That's my style ... slip out the back.

  3. Very smart move. Keep doing that and you'll live to write another day.

  4. Helen: Oh, I hope so ... I may not know my audience, but I know when to bust a move.

  5. I would have bolted, too. :) Wise man.

  6. I had an Egg McOhoh once, hmmm some where between El Reno and Laguna Beach

  7. That's one smart man. Get away while the gettings good.

  8. Anonymous: You may not be as anonymous as you think ...

    Helen: I'm not really sure it's about 'smart' ... more 'self-preservation'.

  9. I have to laugh as I have a scene in my book where the MC scarfs down a couple Egg McMuffins and a large Coke while running through the terminal to catch his plane.

    Uh oh, I see your word verification is on. I'm on a mission to rid the world of this evil and unnecessary nuisance. Please take a moment to visit my blog and click the How To Turn Off Your Word Verification tab.

  10. Stephen: The ol' Egg McMuffin comes in handy now and then. Thanks for the heads up on the word verification thing ... I will stop by and check out the info.

  11. Chris,hope this helps.(as per your email reply)