Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Me, a Twit?

Somebody help me out here ... I've been resisting the Twitter phenomenon because ... well, I just plain don't get it. Everyone (don't make me tell you who 'everyone' is) said I HAD to set up a Fazebook page ... so I did ... and I still don't know why. I send out notices about stuff on that thing and then ... crickets ... nothing ... oh, I do see about a thousand notes from other folks about babies and weddings and who knows what ... but I can't figure out who is talking to who or why ... and none of it ever relates to my original dispatch.  So now I keep hearing about the necessity for authors to have a Twitter account ... how would that be any different than Fazebook? Oh well, probably won't work on my rotary phone anyway.

PS. Tigers got thumped by the Rangers again and are behind in the ALCS 0-2 ... gloom and doom are descending on moi.


  1. I was a Twitter holdout until over the summer. My fear was that it would be addictive - it is - and that I wouldn't get anything else done - but I do. It's just a matter of following the right people to make it worthwhile, and by 'right' I mean agents, publishers and other authors (ie people whose thoughts might actually help your work). Plus, if you find you're getting a lot of unnecessary stuff from a particular person, you can just unfollow them.

    Oh, and Hi from a displaced Michigander trapped in Colorado. =o)

  2. Sorry about your Tigers. That grand slam did them in.
    Not on Facebook, but I am on Twitter. There's things you can do like follow Friday and retweets.

  3. B.E.: I've heard about that 'addictive' thing ... which is really a mystery to me, because I have to force myself to even turn on my computer. But, I'll take you at your word ... will I have to upgrade my rotary phone?

    Alex: Yeah, that slam was a stake right though the heart ... but a win today could go a long way toward healing the wound. 'Splain 'Friday' and 'retweets' ... ???

  4. I feel your pain with the Tigers. I'm a Red Sox girl, so I've been depressed for a while now. I did root for the Tigers when they were playing the Yankees though so I do thank them for that.

    I didn't really get the Twitter thing either. I signed up because I'm an idiot who thought you had to have an account in order to see what others were tweeting. I only wanted it because there were a couple of celebrities whose tweets always made me laugh. Now I use it a lot to find out about new (and free) eBooks.

    Here's hoping your team turns it around...

  5. Meh. I gave in to the evil that is Twitter. It is sort of fun and you'll feel a little violated the first time you get "retweeted"...lol! Not really. If you start up, let us know, I'll follow you and spread the word.

  6. M.J.: Ooooh, a Sox fan ... I know you can feel my pain. Hey, by the way, I enjoyed Francona's commentary with Joe Buck ... wonder were he'll land next year. Oh yeah, the Twitter thing ... I know about a couple of great ebooks ...

    Caledonia: 'evil' that is Twitter ... hmmm, that gives one pause. Is 'retweet' a sound bite from Elmer Fudd telling soldiers to back up?