Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"... and don't call me Shirley!"

I get these email blasts from Steve Harrison ... he's the guy who runs the Reporter Connection, which claims to be able to hook you up with all sorts of media outlets that are just dying to interview you. Anyway, I got this recent notice about author Reid Rosenthal's efforts to promote his new tome by soliciting people in the airport. Here's an excerpt from that notice:

"If I saw anyone who was reading a book or had a Kindle or an iPad, I would walk up to them and say, ‘Hi, my name is Reid Rosenthal and I’m an author ... I notice you’re reading a book ... Then I’d launch into a quick spiel: ‘I’m writing a six-novel series ... I’m excited about this book and think you’d really like it. If you give me your card and a dollar, I’ll give you $4 off on the book when it comes out. ... By the time I got back to Salt Lake City, I had 161 dollars and 161 business cards ..."

All I could think of when I read this was the scene in the movie 'Airplane' where Robert Stack's character is punching out various solicitors as he makes his way through the airport. A tip of the hat to Mr. Rosenthal ... you gotta admire that kind of chutzpah.

PS. Farewell and adieu to the 2011 Tigers ... they gave us a good ride (sniff, sniff).


  1. That works?
    The airplane scene definitely comes to mind!

  2. Alex: So he claims ... evidently, he has no issues with rejection.

  3. Prudence: you'd 'get upside' his head, I'll bet.