Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There's Always Next Year

   I was a little bummed last night when the Tigers dropped one to the Royals ... Cleveland and Chicago both won, so they each picked up a full game on the Tabbies ... kinda reminded me of my progress marketing my tomes ... every time I think I'm moving forward, I slip back a couple of notches.  Of course, marketing isn't a like a pennant race ... there is no finish line ... but there are winners and losers. The big difference between winning at baseball and winning at marketing is that talent isn't as important as persistence ... you've just got to keep hammering away. But when things like rejection, indifference, and powerlessness in the market place combine with self-inflicted obstacles like boredom, short-attention span, and lack of focus, it is easy for a classic underachiever, like moi, to become overwhelmed and cave in.
   When I saw my sales report from the past month, I've have to admit that I got wobbly ... thoughts like, "... being a Walmart greeter might not be that bad ..." start wafting through my brain. But then the thought of putting on hard shoes and leaving the house brought a dose of reality and I decided to keep at this writing thing for a while longer ... okay, things might be a little shaky right now, but ...


  1. Thanks, Alex ... I'd never be able to find it again ... unless it had a ringer, like my cell phone.