Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

   After wresting control of Socially Awkward from the electronic clutches of Mac (it was a struggle), I'm here to report that I've retuned from the north woods, older, wiser, and considerably poorer. Let's start with the good news; whilst I was away, frolicking amongst the daffodils, the Tigers clawed their way to a 5 game lead in the AL Central ... that means there will be meaningful games in September and, if the creek don't rise, maybe some meaningful games in October ... I quiver with anticipation.
   Now for the bad news; during my hiatus, the marketing fairy did not appear and magically make me household name ... in fact, despite my efforts to spread the good word around northern book stores and libraries ... and my guest spot on Sally Franklin Christie's Blog, Life is a Story - Tell it Big (check it out:
http://sallyfranklinchristie.com/wp/2011/08/writerly-wednesday-welcomes-christopher-hudson/), I find that I'm still lingering in obscurity ... ain't gonna be no help from the elusive marketing fairy.
  Okay, time to roll up the sleeves (sigh) and let the world hear ...


  1. Ya just can't depend on some faries. Sadly, dear friend, looks like we have to do our own marketing. Come on, it'll be fun.


  2. Okay, Pru ... but remember some people actually like to go the dentist, too.

  3. Only one thing to do - write another book.

  4. I agree Alex ... it'll take my mind off the fact that the first two aren't selling.