Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Color Me Gone

  This will be my last live-action post for a couple of weeks ... this weekend I'm heading to the north country to hug trees (that's as far as I go) and commune with ma nature. I'm also going to take a few of my books with me and prowl around some independent book stores ... hopefully I'll be able sell 'em before they call the cops and have me ejected.
  I'll be leaving my brother-in-law, Brad, in charge of headquarters ... he'll pick up the mail and feed the fish, but he won't write any new posts or respond to comments. I know most folks take iPads or laptops or smart phones to keep in touch when they travel, but I don't. It's not that I have any technophobia about bringing that stuff to the woods ... I just don't have 'em. There is a library in the area and I might be able to hook up there, but that assumes much.
  Hopefully, I'll come back refreshed and brimming with marketing ideas and detailed outlines for chapters of my next tome ... or, more likely, it'll just be sunburn and bug bites ... but I'll be back in the saddle and ready to have it anyway! Until then ...

Did I just see 'best price: $0.09' for Northern Cross on Amazon? Take that Mr. Locke!


  1. Hey Chris, enjoy your holiday. Hugs a tree for me. See ya when you get back.


  2. Have a great time and don't hug any bears.

  3. Pru: Thanks ... I'll have bark imprints on my face.

    Alex: Thanks ... that would be tragic ... but probably funny to see.