Friday, July 11, 2014

The Dude Abides

   Wow ... I just noticed that the last post on this blog was in April. Where do the time go??
   Since then Uncle Billy has been glued to the TV watching Dancing with the Stars and the ups and downs of the Tigers ... often at the same time ... good thing the Tigers have been experiencing more ups than downs, or I'd making extra runs to Manny's.
   I've been playing music way more that writing ... which is okay, 'cause I like making music ... but I have fun spinning yarns too ... I just go with the flow and work on whatever melts my butter on a given day. (Did I just say 'melts my butter'??)
   Well, sports fans, better get back to it ... busy, busy, busy ... later.


  1. I learned that saying "melts my butter" from you, I use it every so often now. Keep up with the music, I'll catch up with you one of these nights. Trucking keeps me out of town too often. Peace, Trout!

  2. How about that! Good to hear from you ... try to beat those skins every now and then.