Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Just Business

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   "Are you sure you don't mind?" asked Clara.
   I watched Jason frantically pressing the buttons on the game controller. "No ... I've got the afternoon free."
   "Well, I surely do appreciate it," said Clara. "I've got to deliver this box of books to Alex before he heads back to Saginaw."
   I looked at the large box sitting on the table. "I understand ... those are for his stock?"
   Clara blushed slightly. "Yes ... seems that there has been a run on them since I did that signing up there last month."
   "Well, that's terrific."
   "Isn't it amazing? I guess young adult fiction is hot right now."
   "Grandma," shouted Jason. "I've made to tier three!"
, Jason," she said. "Why don't you show Mr. Hudson how to play the game this afternoon?"
   "Okay." Jason didn't take his eyes of the television screen.
   "Uh, that's okay," I said. "I've got plenty to keep me busy."
   Clara smiled. "I'm not much on playing those things either." She looked at the clock. "Oh ... I'd better get going ... I told Alex I'd meet him at 12:30."
   I patted the box of books. "Let me help you out the car with this."
   "Oh, would you mind? It's a little heavy for me."
   "No, not at all." I picked up the box. "Holy smokes ... how many are in here?"
   "Fifty," she said, reaching for the door.
   Before she could open it there was knock. She looked at me, slightly puzzled. "I wonder who that could be?"
   She opened the door and Uncle Billy stood in the hallway.
   "William?" said Clara.
   "Cheryl told me Chris was here ... I need a ride up to Manny's."
   "I'm watching Jason while Clara ... uh, runs an errand."
   "Why doesn't she take Jason with her? That way you take me to Manny's."
   "It's a lunch meeting," said Clara.
   "Yes ... I'm meeting with Alex Heath for lunch."
   Billy nodded. "I see ... and you don't want any kids around."
   Clara shook her head. "It's not like that, William ... it's a business meeting and Jason would be bored ... Chris offered to stay with him here until his mother picks him up at 2:00."
   I set a corner of the box on the counter to relieve some of the weight. "Why don't you stay here with us, Uncle ... you can play Zombie Army with Jason."
   "Ah, no ... no that's okay ... you come and get me when you're free." Billy turned to go.
   "Are you going to be at dinner tonight?" asked Clara.
   "No ... I've a business meeting," he said over his shoulder.

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