Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Regrets

     I watched a squirrel jump from one skinny branch to another. "What did you expect?"
Uncle Billy placed his beer can in the cup holder on the side of the chair. "I sure as hell didn't expect to see another hound dog sniffing around."
  “So, that gave you license to embarrass the heck out poor Clara?”
  “I didn’t mean to embarrass Clara … I just meant to put a little fear into that stuffed shirt she was having breakfast with.”
“Alex Heath is not a stuffed shirt … he’s a gentleman … and a nice guy to boot.”
“He’s a putz. I can’t believe Clara would be even remotely interested in him.”
“Just because he’s intelligent, well-mannered, thinks Clara is fascinating woman … as well as a good writer … oh, and bookstore owner who is helping her market her book?”
“He’s a putz.”
   Cheryl slid open the screen door and stepped out onto the deck. "I'm heading to the store. Do either of need anything?"
   I shook my head. "I can't think of anything."
   "How about you, Uncle Billy?" she asked.
   "As long as you have enough beer, darling, I'm all set."
   "That's Chris's department." She looked at me. 
   “There’s plenty,” I said.
   "Okay, see you later."
   "Be careful out there," I said as she retreated through the door.
   "You sure got a peach there, Sonny," said Billy.
   "That's a fact, Uncle." I slid my chair back under the shade of the umbrella. "So, I think you owe Clara … and Alex … an apology.”
   “I’m not apologizing to anybody.” Uncle Billy pulled his beer can from the holder and took a swig. 
  “Even if it means losing Clara?”
   “She’ll come around. Hell, I think she liked it when I called that four-flusher a bespectacled book worm.”
   “No she didn’t Uncle … she was embarrassed.”
   “You don’t think she knew I defending her honor?”
   “No. I think she thought you were being a jerk.”
   “Well, that’s how much you know.” He shook his beer can. “How about another?”


  1. My Momma would use the idiom, the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. Ciara: Now wait a minute ... are you saying I'm the 'pot'?