Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

   I stepped on the gas to get around the truck before the left lane clogged up again. "I swear, ninety-four is just conveyer belt between Detroit and Chicago."
   "Relax, dear, I'd rather get to Jenny's in one piece, than early," said Cheryl.
   I slipped into the right lane in front of the truck as a giant SUV roared impatiently by in the left.  I relaxed my foot on the accelerator pedal. "You're right ... I just got caught up in the game."
   "So, Uncle Billy is going to loan you two hundred and fifty dollars to purchase books for a signing?"
   "How about that."
   "How'd you pull that off?"
   "Guess he was still a little flush from that trip to Vegas."
   "No, I mean, how'd you get the nerve to ask him in the first place."
   "We were talking about Clara's recent success on her book tour ... she netted over twelve hundred dollars ... and he asked why I didn't do something like that. I told him I didn't have the money to buy enough books to make it worthwhile. The next thing I know, he offered to loan it to me."
   Cheryl shook her head. "Will wonders never cease? So, where are you going to sign?"
   "Alex Heath is setting me up at his store in Saginaw next month."
   "Alex Heath? Isn't that Clara's new friend?"
   "Does Uncle Billy know that he's helping you with this?"