Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lotto Ticket and a Tall Boy

"The Colbert Report?"
"That's what he told me," said Uncle Billy.
I slipped into the left turn lane in front of Manny's Deli and Liquor. "Irv Nesbaum is going to be on Stephen Colbert's Show?"
"Is there an echo in here?"
I turned into the lot. "How did you find that out?"
"I ran into Irv at McDonalds this morning ... "
"Oh yeah? You 'ran into him'?"
"Okay, so I knew he'd be there ... anyway, I figured we needed to have a little chat."
"How'd that go?"
"Fine. He's not going to say anything to Clara."
I pulled into a parking space. "You want me to go in with you?"
"Nope, I know what I need," said Uncle Billy. "You want a lotto ticket? The jackpot is up to seventy-eight million."
"Sure, get me one."
Uncle Billy held out his hand.
"Oh, for God's sake." I fished out my wallet.
"Hey, no tickee, no laundry."
I handed him a dollar. He smiled and got out of the car.


  1. Christopher, you definitely need some good luck!

  2. Who wouldn't want a lotto ticket? Especially with this economy.

  3. This feels like the beginning to a longer story. Keep writing!

  4. Helen: A shaggy-dog story ... but it'll end real quick if that lotto ticket hits.

  5. Good luck with the lotto ticket. Boy, I know I'd love one of my own. :)

  6. Ciara: Thanks ... the tickets are easy to come by ... it's the winners that are little more scarce.

  7. So are you sharing the big winnings? :) 'Cause I never win a thing!

  8. Jemi: Well, of course. I'll tip generously.