Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funny in the Morning

   "You've been kinda quiet, Sonny," said Uncle Billy. "Somethin' troublin' you?"
   "Oh, I don't know." I took a sip of the beer that had been sitting on the bar in front of me.
   "Come on, what's botherin' ya, Bunky?"
   Staring at my reflection in the mirror behind the bar, I decided to come clean. "My neighbor, Mr. Nesbaum, wrote a book ... and he has made enough money off it to quit his day job."
   "You mean Irv Nesbaum's book about screwdrivers?"
   I grabbed Uncle Billy's sleeve and almost pulled him off the barstool. "How do you know about that?"
   He regained his balance and looked at me. "Watch it ... you dang near knocked me over."
   "I'm sorry ... how did you know about Mr. Nesbaum's book?"
   Uncle Billy smoothed the wrinkles out of his coat sleeve. "I heard him on the radio the other day."
   "The radio? Irv Nesbaum was on the radio?"
   "Yeah ... the morning show with Brick and Brack."
   "Brick and Brack?"
   "I listen to them every morning ... they're hilarious."
   "Irv Nesbaum was on Brick and Brack's morning show?"
   "Yep ... and he's going to be on Channel Two News Friday morning."
   "How do you know that?"
   "I follow him on Twitter, that's how."
   I leaned on the bar and let out a sigh. "You follow Irv Nesbaum on Twitter."
   "His book sounded interesting ... I posted a note about him on Facebook ... didn't you see it?"
   "I never saw anything about Irv Nesbaum."
   "You need to spend more time tending your social media, Sonny." Uncle Billy looked at his watch. "Hey, you've got to get me home ... Clara and I are taking the shuttle to the casino this afternoon." He stood up and grabbed the change off the bar.
   I stood up. "Thanks for lunch, Uncle."
   "You're welcome, Sonny."


  1. Not sure if that makes me want to laugh or cry!

  2. You turned the tables on the young leaving their elders behind on the Internet. Loved it.

  3. Story of my life, Helen ... everyone 'gets' what's going on long before moi.

  4. Neat blog.




  5. Elizabeth: Only as neat as the folks who stop by!

  6. I'm with Alex.

    Sorry for the delay in stopping by. I took four days off to spend with family over the holidays. I'm usually around every M-F. I'm following you. :)

  7. Ciara: As long as it doesn't make you break out in hives! Thanks for stopping by ... now I have to catch this call from Uncle Billy.