Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Therein Lies the Rub

Oh, how sweet it was ... Santiago hit a double to drive in Martinez in the bottom of the 10th to squeak out a 2-1 win over Tampa Bay last night, which leads me to the topic of today's post ... well, no it doesn't, but I just had to get that in. What I was really meaning to talk about was a post by Edwin Crozier, that appeared on on Tony Eldridge's blog, Marketing Tips for Writers. Mr. Crozier outlined four principles about how to be the best writer you can be:

Break the molds

Disregard the prophecies of others

Write from your strengths

Write what you enjoy

I won't elaborate on these ... suffice it to say that, while not breaking any new ground, Mr. Crozier was on the beam ... but I did have a reaction to a statement from that last principle:

"Write about something you enjoy so much you'd write about it for free. Then write such good stuff that people will pay you for it."

I pretty much follow the first part of that statement ... if I'm not having fun with it, I just ain't gonna do it ... and I think my record pretty much demonstrates that I'll do it for free ... but what about that second part? According to Amazon, people have to pay BEFORE they know if it is any good ... and it has also been shown that they are just darned reluctant to do that ... and rightfully so, I might add.


  1. I should be writing about movies then!
    And I'm happy to see the Bruins even the series. Nothing like a Stanley Cup Finals game seven!

  2. Alex, that's right ... your tag line could be, "Will review movies for food."

    I was aware of the Bruins feat ... and I'm happy for you ... but, they better hurry up and get it done ... before the ice melts ... we're almost to the All Star game, for heavens sake.

  3. If your blog is like your book writing, then I know it is fun. And you can promote the book with guest posts. Have your characters do the guest posting. Or write a post that matches the tone of your book. If you do these things (and others), readers will get to know you and your writing.

  4. Helen, thanks for the great ideas! No one would confuse my books with 'literary' fiction ... but I hope they are fun rides.