Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some Assembly Required

Feeling good ... feeling strong ... sun shining, finally hit on the correct ratio of beans to water for my new coffee maker, and still basking in the glow of the Tigers win over the Twins to take a 3 game sweep (how sweet it was) ... so I'm thinking I can handle a technological challenge that Tony Eldridge threw down on his blog yesterday ... tracking stats on my site ... things like page views, bounce rates, unique visitors ... you know, that stuff you were just dying to know about. So, following his advice I hustle over to Google Analytics and dig in. Here's what GA told me I should do:

Find the asynchronous snippet for your profile The tracking code is profile-specific, so you can only access it from the Profile Settings screen for that profile. Go to Analytics Settings and click "Edit" next to the profile used for your site. In the Profile Settings page, click the "Check Status" link. You'll see something similar to the code snippet below, where XXXXX-YY indicates the profile ID for your Analytics account.

That sound you hear is the air wafting out of my sails. Are you kidding me? Find the asynchronous snippet? Good thing that I really didn't care about those stats anyway.

PS. Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer (par excellent), turns 70 today ... egad!


  1. I didn't understand a word of that. I use Stat Counter. It's pretty easy to understand. I rarely look at stats, though. I do know a lot of people check theirs constantly, though.

  2. Helen, honestly, I can't think of a reason these stats would be helpful to me, either ... in fact, it'd probably be depressing to see my numbers.

  3. The old asynchronous snippet trick, eh? Someone, somewhere is laughing themself silly because they made up this nonsense and are imagining us trying to decipher it.

    Besides, Christopher, Helen knows a thing or two about technical writing. Just do what she does if you want stats.

  4. Jennifer: Yep, you gotta watch those computer screeds every second ... they love to pull the wool over our eyes! Helen has already helped me with another technical issue ... she must be tapping her inner nerd!

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