Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Play Ball

The list thing was amusing ... but that's about it ... I mean, really, how far can you take a gimmick like that? Okay, by what I've seen in the grocery checkout line, you take it pretty far ... but I'll leave the list making to the professional marketing screeds. So, now what? Each day I go to my Amazon e-shelf-space (exactly what  do you call that?), blow off the dust, and wonder, "how can I entice more folks to give my books a serious look ... or any other kind of look?" I keep reading about people who have whipped the Internet audience into a frenzy over their latest offering and I just don't get it. Sure, maybe they have a better product .... maybe they're better organized ... maybe they have a better understanding of social networking ... maybe they have better contacts ... maybe they have more perseverance ... but other than that what am I missing? There's something ... and I know I can figure out what it is ... and I'm going to start work on it, just as soon as the Tiger's finish off the Rays tonight.


  1. Everywhere you go, in person or via the Internet or email, leave your book title and a link to that dusty shelf. Pretty soon your shelf won't be so dusty. And use lemon scent Pledge to dust. Some computers have smell-o-vision.

  2. Helen: Good tip! And as to dusting with Pledge, I could probably do that while I'm watching the ball game.