Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mind Your Own Business

   The woman behind the counter smiled blankly. "That'll be six eighty-three."
   As I reached for my wallet, Uncle Billy stepped forward. "Don't worry boy ... I've got it." Then to the woman he said. "Just put that on my order."
   I blinked unbelievingly for a second. "What ...?"
   Billy ignored me. "I'll have the number two combo."
   "Medium or large fries?" She said.
   "What to drink?"
   She punch some icons on the computer screen. "That'll be twelve twenty-eight."
   Billy handed her a twenty dollar bill.
   "Gee ... thanks, Uncle," I said.
   Billy nodded.
   The woman handed Billy his change. "Your order will be ready in minute."
   We stepped back from the counter to allow the next diner room to order.
   "Well that was an unexpected treat," I said.
   "No problem ... I like to help out my family when I'm flush."
   "Oh? Did you come into some money?"
   "Not yet ... but a big payday is coming soon," he said.
   "A big payday?"
   He smiled. "You bet."
   "Would you care to elaborate?" I asked.
   "Sorry ... I can't reveal anything just yet ... unless ..." His expression turned serious. "... you'd care to make an investment in our enterprise."
   He looked around quickly, as if searching for prying ears. "Mike Burczyk and me."
   "You're doing business with Mike Burczyk?"
   "Ssssssshh ... I don't need the whole world to know my business."
   "Uncle, no one else cares that your in business with Mike Burczck ... but I do ... what exactly are you up to?"
   "If you're not going to invest, then it's none of your business."
   "Of course I'm not going to invest ... even if I was interested, I don't have any money."
   Billy shrugged. "Well, then I guess you'll miss out."
   "On what?"
   The woman behind the counter pushed a try toward us. "A number two and a number five combo meal."
   "That's us," said Billy.
   "All right ... we'll get our food and go to a booth ... then you're going to tell what this is all about."
   Billy reached for the tray. "The only thing I'm going to tell you is how delicious this hamburger is."

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