Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Usual Business

   The quarter ended with the Lions down by eleven. The bar buzzed in nervous anticipation.
   "That didn't go so well," said Mary.
   Hank shook his head. "That's an understatement ... we looked terrible out there."
   Dottie changed the subject. "So, have you heard anything from the newlyweds, Mary?"
   "Just a couple of text messages ... they were having a terrific time in Brimley."
   "I hope they don't blow all their wedding money at the casino," I said.
   Mary laughed. "Well, if Eb was there alone, I'd be worried ... but Becky is pretty level headed ... she'll keep a lid on it."
   "Hey," said Hank, "look who finally showed up."
   We all turned at looked in the direction he was staring to see Uncle Billy making his way toward the table.
   "You missed the whole first quarter, Bill," said Hank.
   Billy pulled out a chair and sat down. "I saw it."
   "On the shuttle?" I said.
   "Yeah ... the guy sitting next to me had it on his iPad. He insisted on sharing the bloody mess with me ... along with a running commentary that was almost as bad the as the Lions defense." He looked around for a glass. "Can a guy get a beer around here?"
   Hank flagged the waitress as she walked by. "Nancy, can you bring a glass for Bill?"
   She nodded. "Sure thing, Hon."
   "So, Clara couldn't come, Uncle?" said Cheryl.
   Billy shrugged. "Book business, I guess."
   "On a Sunday?" asked Dottie.
   "Yeah ... she's doing another one of those signing things in Saginaw this afternoon."
   "At Alex Heath's book store?" I asked.
   Billy nodded, "Yeah ... she said it'd been scheduled for several weeks."
   "Oh, well I'm sure it's just business," said Cheryl.
   Nancy walked up an
d placed a glass in front of Billy. "Here ya go, Sweetie."
   "Thanks," said Billy. "Now, will someone send that pitcher over here?"
   "Ya'll need anything else?" asked Nancy.
   "Maybe another pitcher?" said Hank.
   "Right away, Hon."
   I watched Billy poor beer into his glass. "Your not worried about Clara and Alex, are you Uncle?"
   Billy set the pitcher down, picked up his glass and took a long swallow. "Ahhh ... I've been waiting for that all morning." Then he set the glass down. "Why should I be worried?"


  1. thinks that's a loaded question!!! Billy's beer loaded? *wink*

  2. MM: I think Uncle Billy may be 'going long' for a pass ... out.