Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Handicapping Billy

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   Cheryl snapped her phoned shut. "These things always seem to get complicated."
   I eased into the left turn lane. "What?"
   "Weddings ... there always seems to be drama floating around ... who's running things ... who is invited ... who gets left out ... you know."
   "I suppose ... I do my best to not get involved."
   Cheryl rolled her eyes. "No kidding."
   I turned onto our street. "So, who was that?"
   "Alma Beeler."
   "Oh, she wanted to know if we were going to Uncle Billy's friend's wedding."
   "Eb and Becky's?"
   "Of course."
   "How'd she even know about it?"
   "I assume she saw a Facebook post ... there have been quite a few."
   I glance over at her. "I thought you hated Facebook."
   "I do ... but I still look at it every now and then."
   "I see .. so, why is she interested?"
   "Oh. Why do you think? She wants to know if Uncle Billy is going to ask her to go with him."
   "Oh ... yeah."
   "Do you know?"
   "Billy never mentioned anything to me."
   "Do you think he might ask Clara?"
   "Like I said ... he never mentioned it."
   "Yes, but do you think he might?"
   "Who knows? Billy is likely to do anything ... he might ask the maid who cleans his apartment ... or he might not even go himself."
   "Do you think you can find out?"
   As the condo came in sight, I hit the garage door opener. "That's a tall order."
   "I know, but I'd like to be able to tell Alma something."
   "I wouldn't tell her ... even if I knew what Billy was doing ... it just none of my business."
   "Okay ... I'll ask Uncle Billy myself."
   "Good luck with that."
   I eased the car into the garage next to the Jaguar, which now sat on cement blocks. Cheryl got out and stared at the rusting hulk. "I see you're making progress."
   I ignored the cynicism in her voice. "Yep, it's coming along nicely."

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