Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wet Bunny

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   I watched Jason dig into his hamburger. "Looks good," I said.
   He nodded as he chewed, ketchup running down his chin.
  "So, did everyone enjoy the game yesterday?" Clara asked me.
   I watched her wipe Jason's mouth. He frowned. "Grandma ..."
   "You knew about that?" I asked.
   "The game? Of course," she answered.
   "No ... that there was a gathering at Reggie's?" I asked.
   "Yes ... William mentioned it to me."
   "He did?"
   Jason's eyes widened. "Did you see the homer that Prince hit, Mr. Hudson?"
   "I did, Jason ... it was something."
   Now Clara frowned. "Mr. Hudson and I are talking, Jason."
   Jason shrugged and took another bite of his hamburger.
   "Yes ... he called me ... but I had a meeting scheduled with Alex ... I'm going to do another book signing in his store and he wanted to take some pictures of me for a flyer he's distributing."
   "Wow ... that's great," I said.
   "Thanks ... I think you should talk to him about promoting your book in his store," she said.
   "I will ... but you said Uncle Billy told you about watching the game at Reggie's, eh?"
   I took a sip of my coffee.
   "Why? Shouldn't he have?" Clara asked.
   I set the cup down. "Oh no ... I was just curious."
   Clara looked puzzled.
   "I mean, I was just wondering why you didn't come."
   Clara's face relaxed. "Well I wish I could've. By the way, did Eb show you the cover for his new book?"
   "New book?" I asked
   "Yes, it's called Bunky Learns to Swim."
   "No he didn't ... I wonder why?"
   Clara's face reddened slightly. "Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it."
   I smiled to relieve her. "Oh no ... I'm sure he would have shown me ... but we were all absorbed in the game. When is it due out?"
   "I'm not sure," she said. "I think sometime this spring."
   Jason took a sip of his coke and poised over his hamburger.
   "Did you enjoy Bunky Takes a Nap?" I asked him.
   Jason looked a Clara to see if he should answer.
   "It's okay, Jason ... Mr. Hudson asked you a question."
   "That's kid's stuff," he said.

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