Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Place Your Bets

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"An escort service? No kidding?" said Uncle Billy.
   I cruised slowly down the isle, looking for a parking space. "That's what she said."
   "I knew there was more to that woman then met the eye ... oh, hey, there's one." Billy pointed.
   "I see it." I turned the corner to the next isle. "Yeah, she's an interesting lady."
   "Well, I would have never guessed that," said Billy.
   A Ford Focus sped up the isle from the opposite direction and slipped into the empty spot before I could get there. "Can you believe that?" I sighed. "What the heck is going on at Manny's today, anyway?"
   "I think the lotto is getting fat ... over 200 million," said Billy. "You want me to give that jerk a little grief?"
   "No, he beat me fair and square." I watched a blue-rinsed, older woman exit the Focus. "Besides, it wasn't a guy at all."
   Billy shook his head. "Well, she sure drove like a wildman ... you just can't ever tell about people."
   I turned back to the first isle again. "No, you can't ..."
   Billy continued, "I mean, who would've guessed that Clara ever worked for an escort service?"
   "Not me ... but she was emphatic that she only provided escort services." I saw the back-up lights of a mini-van go on. "Hey, is that guy pulling out?"
   Billy nodded. "Looks like it ... so, that's her story, eh?"
   I stopped and flicked on my turn signal to lay claim to the parking space. "Yep."
   "She's entitled to her fantasies ... I'm not gonna launch an enquiry."
   I buzzed down the window to wave a Malibu around me. "That's gentlemanly of you."
   Billy watched the Chevy squeeze past. "Especially since I'm going to the casino with Alma tonight."
   I turned to look at him. "I thought you were on the out's with Alma."
   "I was ... but she called yesterday and said she had enough credit for two at the crab leg buffet and wanted to know if I was interested."
   The mini-van still hadn't moved. "What the heck? I thought that guy was pulling out."
   "Must be experiencing vapor lock," said Billy.
   I pointed to the billowing exhaust pipe. "No, it's running."
   Billy laughed. "I mean of the brain."
   "So, you're back in with Alma, eh?
   Billy stopped laughing. "I wouldn't go that far ... I'm just going to the casino with her."
   Slowly, the mini-van started moving. "Finally!" I exclaimed. Then I turned back to Billy. "That's your story, eh?"


  1. Fantastic dialogue! Really pulled me in.

    *you make videos?! Hm. Must ponder this*
    CD Coffelt pontificates at Spirit Called

  2. Huntress: Gee, thanks! It is so nice to have visitors!