Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Signing Bonus

   I set my copy of Bucky Bunny takes a Nap on the table in front of Eb. "Make it 'To Chris'," I said.
   Eb looked up. "Oh, hi, Chris. I didn't see you in line."
   I looked back at the short line of people behind me. "How about that, Eb, you've drawn a crowd."
   Eb blushed. "I couldn't have done this without you, you know."
   "How so? You wrote it."
   "Well, first of all, I never would have even tried it if I didn't know you'd published a book."
   "It's not that hard for an indie author to get a book out these days ... you have a publisher!"
   "Yeah, but I wouldn't even have tried writing without your inspiration."
   I could feel the impatience of the folks behind me. "Better put your John Hancock on that ... we can chat more over a beer later."
   "Billy said something about meeting at Cee Jay's ... I'm getting mighty thirsty."
   "Well, bask in the limelight while you can ... trust me, it doesn't last long."
   Eb scrawled his name on the title page of my book. "This is a little embarrassing, you know."
   "You know ... you're a published author and all ... "
   "I'm just a fan today."
   "It's still embarrassing."
   "I'm proud you, Eb ... it's no small thing to get a book published ... and now look at you ... a book signing at Barnes & Noble."
   Eb blushed again. "It's a little overwhelming."
   A voice from behind me said, "Hey, you about done there? I'd like to get this signed for my grandson before he goes off to college."
   I turned to see a thick-set man, in shorts, a tee-shirt and a Detroit Tiger's ball cap giving me the fish eye. "Sorry, the author's a friend of mine," I said.
   "Well, aren't you lucky," he answered. "You think you could get him to sign my book?"
   I turned back Eb. "Better go ... the crowd's getting ugly."
   Eb handed the book back to me. "See you at Cee Jay's?"
   "I'll be there."
   I stepped away from the table and watched the Tiger Hat guy hand Eb his book. "Make it out to Ronnie."
   Eb smiled and took the book. "Sure thing ...  can you spell that?"