Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Round

   The sharp grounder off Santiago’s bat was fielded cleanly by the Royal’s second baseman, who started a neat double-play that ended the Tigers chance at a comeback. There was a collective sigh throughout the bar.
   “Damn it,” said Eb’s mother, Mary.
   “What’s that now … nine losses out of the last twelve games?” asked Becky.
   “Yep,” I answered.
   “Man, those guys can’t buy a hit … I think the sports press much too much pressure on them so early in the season.”
   “That’s what Billy said,” I added. “They should never have anointed them AL Central champs before the first pitch of the season was thrown.”
   “Oh well, it’s early … there’s a lot of baseball to be played before magic numbers are thrown around,” said Mary. “By the way, where is your uncle? I thought he was going to join us here?”
   “I don’t know,” I answered. “I thought so, too.”
   The waitress came to the table. “How’s everyone doing here?”
   “Why don’t you bring us another pitcher,” said Eb.
   “Eb, I thought we were leaving after the game,” said Becky.
   “We are,” said Eb.
   “Well?” asked Becky.
   Eb glanced at the images of Tiger announcers Mario Impemba and Rod Allen on the television screen above the bar. “Just as soon as the post-game analysis is over.”
   Becky put her head in her hands and sighed.
   Eb looked up at the patient waitress. “One more.”
   She smiled and walked away.
   “So, Mary, how do you like that Kindle Fire you got?” I asked.
   “It’s great. I’ve been reading more now than ever. The rest of the book club loves it, too.”
   “What are you reading now?”
   “Star Crafters, by Clara Rickenbacker.”
   “You’re kidding?”
   “No, it’s a great young-adult novel about …”
   “I know what it’s about … Clara is friend of mine.”
   “Really? You know Clara Rickenbacker?”
   “I’m surprised you don’t … she’s a friend of Uncle Billy’s, too.”
   “You know, I thought that name was familiar … but someone else in the club suggested it.”
   I shook my head and took a long drink of my beer. “Any chance of getting one of my books reviewed by the club?”
   “I don’t know, Chris … they might be a little out of our milieu … but I’ll ask at the next meeting.”
   “Thanks, Mary, I’d appreciate that.”


  1. Let us know about that review! :)

  2. Will do ... although, I suspect Mary's group won't be all that thrilled to move into my territory.

  3. Alex: That's true ... even though sometimes I'm sorry I asked.

  4. Ahh, family. They want to read your book, but if they don't like it, they'll deny having read it. But if she has a reading group, you gotta ask. A sale is a sale. :-)

  5. Helen: You're mighty right ... heck, I ain't proud.