Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Third Man

   “I thought Uncle Billy was coming,” I said.
   Clara took a sip of her coffee, and said, “I called him this morning and he said he was ‘all stove up’ from helping Eb move the other day.”
   “Hmmm … did he know Alex was coming?”
   “I mentioned it to him at dinner last night.”
   “Was he ‘all stove up’ then?”
   “Well, he did say he was a little stiff, but he looked okay to me.”
   I glance out the window at Back-in-the-Day apartments across the street. “I’ll go over after breakfast and see how he’s doing. What time did Alex say he was going to be here?”
   Clara glanced at her watch. “I told him eight-thirty … he’ll be along any minute … he’s not usually late.”
   “What brings him into town?”
   “He wants to go to the Eastern Market to get some plants for his storefront.”
   “Don’t they have anything like that in Saginaw?”
   “I don’t know. You would think so, wouldn’t you?”
   “Well, maybe they don’t have one that big.”
   “Probably not.” Clara took another sip of her coffee. “I heard you did pretty well at your book signing.”
   “Yeah, but not as well as you.”
   She blushed slightly. “That was primarily due to Alex’s help … he did such a wonderful job on the promotion.”
   “He did for me, too … but I don’t think my stuff has as big an audience as yours.”
   She reached across the table and patted my hand. “Don’t sell yourself short … there are a lot folks who like the kind of stories you write … you just need to do a better job getting the work out.”
   I nodded. “I just don’t have the marketing savvy you do.”
   “It’s not about savvy … it’s about follow-up … you just have to keep at it.”
   “That’s my problem … I don’t.”
   “I can help, you know.”
   “Thanks, Clara.” Then I saw Alex making his way toward our table. “Here he comes.”
   Grinning broadly he said, “Well, if it isn’t my two favorite authors.”


  1. So, how did the book signing go? :)

  2. Miss Mae: Well, I made enough money to pay Uncle Billy back, but not enough for that Beemer 335i Coupe I've had my eye on.

  3. Least Billy wasn't the center of attention this time.

  4. Alex: True ... but he still seems to come up in the conversation, doesn't he?

  5. I'm thinking these two are looking out for you a little better than Billy. I'm glad your book signing went well. Don't compare. You'll drive yourself crazy. :) I have a book signing next week at a coffee house, but they haven't even bothered to put up my posters, advertise on their FB page, or anything. They were so excited when I first came in, but didn't follow through. It might be my last singing there. We'll see. I hope five people show up. LOL

  6. Ciara: Too late about the 'drive yourself crazy' thing ... darn. I wish you could go to The Vanishing Word, Alex would take care of you ... of course, you might have an issue with Clara, but think how many people would show up for a cage match between you and Clara ... you'd be buried in signing requests!