Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Check My Smile, Please

A few posts back, I referred to my relationship with Tony Eldridge as being one-sided (I said I didn't think Tony know me from a pile of rocks) ... well, it turns out that I was wrong ... Tony does know me ... at least from a pile of rocks.

I recently received an invite to provide a guest post on Tony's blog, Marketing Tips for Authors. Wow, one of the cool kids just invited me to sit at his table! It's not going to appear until September 27 ... but don't worry, I'll be reminding you again. Oh, and please don't tell any of my loser friends ... I don't want them embarrassing me.

Now, here's hoping I don't show up with any broccoli on my teeth.


  1. Congrats - and I don't see any broccoli. ;)

  2. Chris, that's awesome. Congratulations, and I will be waiting for the reminder. I don't want to miss it. Way to go Dude!!

  3. Well, here I am, Chris. Someone told me you mentioned me in your post, although not by name. But I am not commenting to embarrass you. I'll save that for when you're not expecting it.

    Congratulations on being known by the cool kids and being invited to post with them. Woo-woo!

    Signed, one of your loser friends.

  4. Laura: Thanks ... and good ... you know how embarrassing that can be.

    Prudence: Oh, you'll hear about it again ... thanks!

    Helen: I'm sad you missed the reference ... but is it true ... where other people talking about me? And you a loser?? Not a chance ... I've seen the cool kids you hang with.

  5. Yay on the guest post. Looking forward to it.

  6. Everyone was talking about you, Christopher. I went to an interview with Sarah Bird last night and even she mentioned you. Or maybe she was referring to the actor, Christopher. Not sure.

  7. Helen: Now you're just funning me ... I'm very vulnerable, you know.

    Alex: Thanks ... it's a beautiful thing!

  8. That's what they'll say when they escort me to the laughing academy.